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Blue Jay Bird Pin
Blue Jay Bird Pin
Blue Jay Bird Pin
Blue Jay Bird Pin
Blue Jay Bird Pin

Blue Jay Bird Pin

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One of North America's perkiest birds, Blue Jays are characterized by their blue, white and black plumage, close-knit family ties and sharp intelligence. The many tones of blue feathers are captured in this original origami-inspired lapel pin. 

  • A celebration of the vibrant blues in Blue Jays' plumage
  • Common visitors to bird feeders, jays are fond of eating peanuts (both shelled and unshelled), so it's no wonder they're the official name of a Toronto Canada baseball team given peanuts are such a staple at ballparks!
  • Looking for bird watching gifts or a unique blue jay charm? Look no further!
  • Made in Canada, an original origami design by Canadian artist Gavin Canning of FoldIT Creations
  • Includes one (1) soft enamel pin, sized 1.25 x 0.75-inches, with gold metal military clutch back

"Keep Calm and Fold On," is inscribed on Gavin of FoldIT Creations' website, where he shares his passion for birds, nature, and the infinite possibilities of a single sheet of paper. FoldIT Creations bird pins are all original origami art works by Gavin—intricate paper designs turned into wearable bird art!